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Post  Lozza3395 on Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:15 am

name: 劳拉 Lao La {Laura in Chinese ^^}
age: 500
gender: female
colour: white body, blue mane
element: water
breed: Eastern Chinese Dragon
special powers: Lao La can shape shift and breathe under water
appearance: Instead of scales, Lao La is covered in fur, her underbelly is made up of scales.
My Dragons Rc4wh2 <-- exept no markings, body completly white
My Dragons 9pqjra Human Form
other: Lao La has been hibernating in the lake for the whole winter, when she was under water, Lao La layed an egg.

My Dragons Brownsword

My Dragons Whatcolor_isred

My Dragons 2432g7q


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