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Pokemon Generation 5

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Pokemon Generation 5 Empty Pokemon Generation 5

Post  Lozza3395 on Thu Jun 25, 2009 9:26 am

OMG I found this on yahoo answers and im at exited

"Pokemon Generation 5 Info?

You can comment your opinions on what i say.
But i got this form my uncle who is working on Pokemon the 5th Generation !
Im so excited now,

But yea, there's gonna be 150 New pokemon.
Yes 150 is alot, but they said this might be the last gen.
And there gonna connect stories of different legendary Pokemon
To make an understanding of why there legendary.
There gonna be
5 semi legendary 2 legendary and 1 special legendary.
15 Pre evolutions 20 Evolutions
5 Pokemon that evolve while holding an item
1 DNA Pokemon
The rest are new pokemon
The 3 starter pokemon's will be fire,grass, and water of course.
Yet said the type of the final evolutions for the 3 starter pokemon's
Will be Fire-Ghost Grass-Flying Water-Poison
Never been types like theese so this will be an amazing.
The only 2 confirmed pre evolution will be Psyduck and Mewoth.
3 evolutions confirmed are Snorlax and Sudowoodo and Mr. Mime
Maybe Carnivine or Girafarig
Sounds like were gonna be in for some crazy things.
2 confirmed pokemon that evolves while holding an item is
Pinsir and Heracross maybe Milktank.
So yea, also Evee and his new other evolutions will come out.
And a special one where he holds a new stone called Admant stone
Only a special stone for Evee where he's A normal/flying.
His other forms that will come out is steel, ghost, and poison.
There's gonna be so many new pokemon that we will not expect
But now the story of the legendaries and the game...

I herd the story is gonna be a flashback to Mewtwo.
Where they get Giratina's Dna, and create a new poekmon.
Like mew - to make mewtwo.
Giratina to Giratoo this time.
Giratina doesn't seem that special as other pokemon but when Giratoo
Is Alive, he try's to attempt to kill Giratina, and all other pokemon.
As usally, but the twist is that they figure out that they can get different legendary pokemon's DNA to create new evil ones.
But, when they try out this new legendary pokemon "Its Not able to"
Which makes Giratina and Mewtwo The only two pokemon where they can get DNA from. Why because Mew and Giratina
Has something unique and special beetween them , i can't reaveal what But ITS CRAZY !
Besides that, 3 new semi legendary's will have sky forms.
There will also be twin legendary.
Like Sin and Twi.
Sin is dark/ghost, Twi is Electric/ghost.
There compatable to spirit tomb, its this other story you will have to find out.
The Unknow's are back from A-z
And The Regi's
I herd they connect, And build this big Pokemon .
Thats what ive herd from my uncle. But he said its not confirmed.
What else?
Like the 3 regi's and the special Regigigas.
Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf
will have Zypin.
3 Legendaries turn into people, and half pokemon.
Sounds weird yet cool.
All this may sound unbelieveable but get it form my uncle.
Thank you for reading(x

This isnt even it, were gonna expect alot.
Thanks uncle(:"

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Pokemon Generation 5 Empty Re: Pokemon Generation 5

Post  daisy on Thu Jun 25, 2009 2:43 pm

too long

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