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Alaya Corniliarnus

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Alaya Corniliarnus

Post  lkbrox on Fri Feb 06, 2009 8:42 am

Name: Alaya Corniliarnus

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Nation or Origion: Earth Kingdom

Birthday: February 2nd

Appearance: Waist-length ice-blonde hair, that tends to fall loosely over her bright blue eyes, a ring of emerald green around the blue, a symbol of her pure heritage of Earth Benders. Fair skin and scarlet lips, a face of defined beauty. Tall and thin, her legs long and muscled from endless movement. She wears a dress of brown, that has a green sash round her waist, like the single green band that is never away from her neck. The dress has no sleeves, though tassels of more green hang down her arms. She's a head turner, proud of it though never flaunts herself. She's not got a boyfriend, but has been asked before, turning them down.

Personality: Always looking for a way to make mischeif, to have fun or go on a wild or crazy quest. Having powers only influences her mischeif, as she can strike havoc without having to be within striking range. Very passionate about things and often her emotions will strongly inflict on her descions, sometimes getting her stuck in. She can get very fiery, a mood that she doesnt often show, though when she does, you're in for it and if you can calm her down, she'll be greatful. Loving and caring generally describe her, and cheery's up there too.

History: Though pure blood runs through her, only that of proud Earth Benders, her mother, Emeron, was taken visciously by fire benders when she was only young, and all she remembers of her mother is her sweet soothing voice. Her father, Malagon looked after her, struggling a bit when she got into an anger over something, but with more patience than anything she'd ever known, he always knew just how to deal with her. A kind hand offered rather than a harsh slap, he preffered to be sweet and direct rather than a dictator. She soon got a step mother, Karalain, but she only brought a horrible step sister, Maysarge, the same age as Alaya. They were in no way related, but Malagon welcomed the mother and daughter in with opened arms and since then they never left. Malagon and Karalain married, Alaya a little disheartened but beared it for her father's sake. Both Karalain and Maysarge were non-benders, and Alaya used that to her advantage, though Malagon always knew when she tampered with them.

In the early hours of a morning when Alaya was only seven, a mesenger came, in sort of a fairy-tale way, throwing stones at Alaya's window. Having to share the upstairs room with Maysarge, she was ordered by her step-sister to go stop the noise. She had slowly crept down the stairs to meet the stranger. It had told her to be quiet, speaking in a language she could barely understand. He had passed her the reins of a large beast, then an envelope, and dissapeared on the wind. The rising sun poured light onto the beast, a large hippogriff, a beautifull half horse, half griffen. He was a male, with dark horse features and gold griffen features. Alaya had been delighted, almost forgetting the envelope, until she felt the cold paper in her hand. Ripping the letter out, eyes scanning over it. 'Alaya, be strong, keep fighting, don't you give up! I have sent this, along with the Hippogriff, StormFeather, to help protect you... Be sure to send my love to you're father, and if he's re-married, tell his new wife I wish her luck... Love, Emeron (mum)' It read, their was a small tear stain on the page. Alaya always kept this letter in the poket of her dress and StormFeather was nearly always by her side. She was always puzzled about what her mother meant, with the luck statement to Karalain, and had decided not to pass the message on to her, or her father. When questioned about StormFeather, her answer was always the same, "A messanger gave it to me." and that's how she'd leave it.

As the bond between Malagon and Alaya began to weaken, Alaya's and StormFeather's only got stronger, the beast had learned to trust her, and she respected him, trusting him with her life, and in return he did too. They would fly together, walk or run, nearly inseperable. Ever since he and the letter arrived, she'd begun intense training, determine that she would free her mother. Maysarge went to school, but Alaya had to learn from old books, yet she was more bright and her vocabulary was larger. She began to get stronger and smarter every day, which was good in one way, but not so in another, as it fed her mischeiveous side.

Bender or non-bender: Earth Bender

Fighting Style: Alaya uses the element of Earth and is so close to mastering the art of Earth bending, getting stronger every day. Learning from books her father gets for her, old scrolls she'd found and any other sources she can get to. An old Earth bender, master and teacher, her grandfather, often gives her lessons. Any bending in the house was outlawed by Karalain as she, is jealous though she'd never admit it. Alaya trains in the forests, carefully overlooked by StormFeather. She's a feirce fighter, strange for an Earth bender, but only when she's upset, emotions direct her next moves, and if she's happy, she wont intentionally harm another, preffering to restrain them, or make them lose consciousness.

Rp Example: A loud Bang! as Alaya's door slammed shut, nearly shattering from its hinges. "Alaya you get back here!" Karalain's voice screeched up the stairs. Alaya only laughed, "Come and get me!" she remarked. Maysarge, who was sitting on her bed on the opposite side of the room, decided to get herself involved, like always. "What? Like the fire nation came and got your mother?" she laughed hysterically, feeding off of that pain whenever she could. Pain for her mother, and anger directed at Maysarge suddenly overwhelmed Alaya, almost beyond her control, the window shattered, the branch of the tree outside shooting for the girl, wrapping her tightly in leafy tendrils. Maysarge screamed, unable to move. Alaya strode over, "Take it back!" she hissed, her hurt tainting her words. Maysarge nodded, eyes wide with fear. "I take it back I do!" she cried. Karalain's voice banged at the door. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" and suddenly the branch retracted, dropping the girl and leaving her on the floor. Karalain burst in, only to be told that Alaya was bending again, but Alaya only laughed, jumping from the window, bending the rocky earth around their house to rise up, so she landed on it. She whistled to StormFeather, who swooped up and took them both to the skies.

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Re: Alaya Corniliarnus

Post  Lozza3395 on Fri Feb 06, 2009 8:55 am

accepted, lol, I cant be bothered to read it, I will read it later. And it Earth Kingdom, not Earth Nation lol



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