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Gwalafen and Dysart

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Gwalafen and Dysart

Post  Lozza3395 on Wed Sep 30, 2009 9:25 am

name: Gwalafen

age: 103

gender: female

race: Elf/Human

pet: Male white Wolf called Manwe (Mahn-way), he is ferocious and a good traker, only listens to Galawhen when she talks in the ancient language.

mount: Black stallion

abilities: she is skilled with her chosen weapons. She cannot use magic like other elves, but she can heal herself.

weapons: Two long daggers on her hips(one on each side)

appearance: Gwalafen wears a white long sleaved shirt widened at her wrist. Over this she has a dark brown leather vest. Cream breaches(tights) and dark brown leather boots. Her skin is fair, eyes green and long dark brown hair.

history: Gwalafen's father is Garalnor, her mother, a human died when she was born. Gwalafen grew up in Ellesmera, but she never showed any sign of magical abilities. Other elves did not talk with her because she was not like them. So, with that, she galloped away on a black stallion with her wolf Manwe at her side. Gwalafen joined the Varden, and now she works for them secretly. Her mission at the moment is to track down Lozrn, and assasinated her. One day when Gwalafen was travelling, she was attacked by Dysart. They fought and then they started talking. Dysart had said "your an Elf?"
"Half Elf" Galadwhen had said "now if you don't mind, I have got someone to meet."
"Allow me to accompany you, it is dangerous"
"I don't need help, but you may come."
They have been travelling ever since.

other: Gwalafen has an intence fear of dragons.

name: Dysart

age: 40

gender: male

race: Human

pet:[/p] none

dapple grey mare

abilities: He is an exellent swordsman and is good with horses.

weapons: A long sword.

appearance: Dysart has long black hair that is shoulder length. It is dead straight and is getting some greys. His skin is fair and his eyes like coal. Dysart wears black leather boots, black leather pants, a black long sleaved shirt and over that a black, silver buttoned vest. He also wears a black coat, it reaches his knees, it has long sleaves and a high collar. The coat can be buttoned up but he does not. It's sleaves, collar and bottom is lined with silver.

history: Dysart lived most of his life as a highway robber. Stealing from unsespecting travellers. One day, He was hiding in the bushes when Galadwhen rode past. Dysart, ofcause attacked. They were fighting when Dysart noticed Gwalafen's pointed ears. He said "your an Elf?"
"Half Elf" Galadwhen had said "now if you don't mind, I have got someone to meet."
"Allow me to accompany you, it is dangerous"
"I don't need help, but you may come."
Dysart jumped on his mare and they have been travelling ever since.

other: none

Here are some pictures to get a rough idea.

<-- Gwalafen

<-- Manwe

<-- Black stallion

<-- Dapple grey mare

Couldn't find one of Dysart, use your imagination. ^^



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