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Meh Wolves......

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Meh Wolves......

Post  WildWind on Thu Sep 10, 2009 1:19 am

NAME: Dash
COLOR: Black long haired
AGE: 4
PERSONALTY: He is more of a loner wolf, but he loves being with his sister, Dakota. He will protect her from anything.
HISTORY: He is Dakota's Brother. He left his pack with his sister when she was kicked out. He is wanting a Mate.

NAME: Dakota
COLOR: Normal Grey
EYE COLOR: Silver-blue
AGE: 3
GENDER: Female
PERSONALTY: She has a nice nature and is wanting a mate.
HISTORY: Dash is her brother. She was kicked out of her pack when she led hunters too the pack by mistake, and one of the pack members were killed.

NAME: Aslan
COLOR: Black
AGE: 4
PERSONALTY: He loves company of another wolf. But doesn't like Males wolves so much
HISTORY: He was adandoned as a puppywhen he was 3 months old by the pack, but was fostered by a lone male wolf. He stayed with the male wolf, then left when he was two years.

NAME: Luka
COLOR: Cream
EYE COLOR: Light gray.
AGE: 2
GENDER: Female
PERSONALTY: She is a big flirt, and loves to be around male wolves. She gets jelous very easy. And she loves adventure.
HISTORY: She wandered away from her pack at 5 moths old with her Sister Kila, and survived with Kila. She is looking for a pack to join.

COLOR: Brown-grey
AGE: 3
PERSONALTY: He is quite shy, and keeps to himself.
HISTORY: He lives on his own in the woods. He has never had a pack... he lived with his mother for a while....his mother was a loner wolf and she died when he was 2.

NAME: Kila
COLOR: Tan, and grey with black flex.
AGE: 3
GENDER: Female
PERSONALTY: Playful and naughty, she likes to annoy other wolves for fun.
HISTORY: She is Luka's sister. They wandered away from there pack at 5 months old, and stayed in the woods. They lives together in a cave, but they want a pack.

NAME: Space
COLOR: Grey, Black and Tan.
EYE COLOR: Orange-Brown
AGE: 4
PERSONALTY: Very protective, if he has a mate. But he is very sweet, and caring.
HISTORY: He lives with his mother, Sheka In a clearing in the woods. He is wanting a pack or a mate.

NAME: Sheka
COLOR: Red-grey and white
EYE COLOR: Orange-brown
AGE: 6
GENDER: Female
PERSONALTY: She loves other wolves but she is a bit wary of male wolves.
HISTORY: She lives with her son, Space. She left her mate when he turned on her and started to get aggresive.

NAME: Bullet
COLOR: Silver and black.
AGE: 5
PERSONALTY: He is very aggresive, he hates any other wolves. He killed off his pack so he could be alone.
HISTORY: He was two when he took over his fathers pack. He killed the pack, and now he lives alone, and wanders the woods looking for chances to fight.


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Re: Meh Wolves......

Post  Lozza3395 on Thu Sep 10, 2009 10:06 am

accepted, before you post an rpg, wait untill smiles or myself accept them

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