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Goblin or Pixie (an Artemis Fowl Fan Fiction

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Goblin or Pixie (an Artemis Fowl Fan Fiction

Post  Lozza3395 on Sun Sep 06, 2009 10:16 am

Disclaimer: I do not own the world of Artemis Fowl or any of its creatures or characters. Eoin Colfer.


Name: Leryna (her name is a Goblin name)

Age: 97

Appearance: fair skin, yellow goblin eyes, no whites, but she does have eyelids. Brown hair, fringe, wavy, one and a half inches past her shoulders. She has no Goblin attributes except she is fire proof and can control fire and she has a forked tongue and pointy teeth. Not the best eye sight.

Personality: funny, but can be serious, intelligent, likes fire, deadly combination.

Race: Pixie Goblin Hybrid

Job: LEP Corporal

Any powers?: magic, healing, Mesmer, shielding, the ability to cunjure fire.

Anything special? Her father is a Goblin criminal and he is in Howlers Peak for the rest of his life. Her mother is dead.

Chapter One

Corporal Leryna was patrolling around Police Plaza. Alone. A Neutrino 2000 hung at her right hip, set to level 1. Leryna yawned, showing pointed teeth and a forked tongue. She couldnt get a clear view of the plaza, she needed to fly. It was lucky that Leryna has nicked a set of Hummingbirds from the rack. Leryna pulled the throttle and the electronic wings on her back burst into live, making not a sound. Leryna rose from the ground and flew off, watching the ground closely.

Leryna thought she saw a hairy thing run around the corner. She dived towards the corner, rounding it with ease. Leryna pulled the throttle to as far as it would go. She saw the creature up aheadand a bum flap. It was a dwarf. Leryna flew faster, Dwarves werent that fast on the ground, but if the dwarf got into the earth, there would be know chance. There was no time to fumble with her weapon. Fire was needed. As Leryna pursued the Dwarf, a fire ball formed around her fist.

Leryna dived, flying two meters above the concrete. The fire ball glowing on her fist. The Dwarf came into sight. This is Police business, please stop Dwarf, or I will be forced to fire. Leryna said through her helmet filters. The Dwarf looked behind. Aha, It was Mulch Diggums, escaped convict. Leryna grinned wickedly at the Dwarf as her helmet visor came up, showing her fangs. Mulch paled as he saw the fire ball and sprinted off. Leryna followed, she shot a fire ball towards Mulch, it flew past his left shoulder, that was a warning shot. A voice in her helmet said as her visor covered her face again Whats your status Corporal? It was the Commander.
Convict, Mulch Diggums, in Police Plaza. Leryna said into her helmet mike.
Sending backup.
Roger that. Leryna said, cutting off the connection.

Mulch ran for his life, he had heard of this officer, Goblin Pixie hybrid. His stomach churned, there was a build up of gas in his stomach that needed to get out. Perfect. Mulchs bum flap opened as he rounded another corner. Then a fire ball raced past his shoulder. Mulch held his breathe, then let fly. A large torrent of gas and digested clay hurtled towards the hybrid.

Lerynas eyes widened, and her smiled faded. A wall of gas was coming in her direction. Before she could cry out for help, she was surrounded by gas. The force propelled her backwards. Her tiny frame flew through the air, then she came into contact with a building. She smacked into the outer wall. Something cracked. Leryna slid down the wall. Unconscious.

Mulch smiled as he ran off, towards his escape route. It would be a couple of minutes before back up came. And by then, he would be long gone. Anyway, he had gotten what he had wanted.



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